5 Crazy Myths About Website Development

There’s a bunch of crazy beliefs many people (including professionals) still stick to when it comes to website development. It’s a pity to find out that in times, when information is so easy to be reached, sometimes, is preferred to spread gossips and weird conceptions commonly. Actually, we don’t care how these website development myths were made up. It’s more important to debunk them right away. Here’s a good start for the purpose – a set of 5 freaky myths related to this topic.

Building a website is as easy as a childish game

Indeed, there’s a video tutorial for absolutely everything in the web – from DIY guides to make lasagna to step-by-step tours for a new website launch. Although we are not culinary experts, we can tell you for sure: if you are not an experienced cook in Italian food your lasagna just cannot compete to the one you ate in that small family restaurant in Sicily. The same goes for website development. You might create something, but no one will bite it the way no Italian food lover will have a bite from your YouTube-recipe lasagna.

A website shows the company owner’s personality

All the website shows regarding the company’s owners is his contacts within the Contacts page. That’s all. As a matter of fact, the site is made not for you, but for your customers. Your customers don’t care whether the product owner is kind or mean, witty or an absent-minded guy. They care about what this guy offers them. And this offer in its purest and clearest model should be presented on the website.

The website external links must be opened in a new browser tab

There’s a massive misunderstanding about the modern conception for keeping the visitors as long as possible on our website. And this website development myth is a part of this misunderstanding. Some developers will tell you that when the external link opens in the same tab, you will lose your customers letting them being transferred to another source of information, including other company’s platforms. But things are a bit more complicated. As a matter of fact, the external links are part of a very hazardous practice. First of all, they deprive the customers of the back button function. They also change the focus from all the conversion funnels you attracted a customer in.

The content follows the design

43% of the web developers will tell you to postpone the search of a copywriter. They will assure you that the design should be at first and then, the content marketers will do their work. This is such a huge mistake. The ideal approach is to let all of these specialists work in the same direction, at the same time and with the same speed. However, in website development, things don’t usually work ideally. This is why we strongly recommend you to at first consider the copy plan and then, to proceed with the design. Why? Because content that is written in design limits and structures usually sound lame and artificially! And the words are those that will sell. Don’t forget that!