Being Classy or Being Unique-Can a Man Be Both?

What so Special about Watches?

Watches, why do we wear them in 2019? The question that we pose today is one that people have probably asked themselves and or other people for the past couple of years now, especially when our smart-phones are capable of informing us far more information than a simple watch can, on top of telling us what time it is.

So, the question remains, why do we wear them anymore? Why do people spend money on devices that look so superfluous and useless now in our modern-day world? Well, the answer is rather simple yet some-what engaging at the same time.

Why do We Wear Watches?

The short answer is, well… they are cool to wear. Watches have been around for many, many years now and have gone through a plethora of different changes and upgrade throughout time.

What started as simple pocket watches that a person would have in his pocket, turned into a device capable of face-timing with your friends and family while telling you your heart-rate, how many steps you have taken and so many, many more gizmos and additions that it is ridiculous.

However, why do we wear them and can men be both classy and unique while wearing them? Well, the short answer is, yes. Wearing something like a Rolex while wearing the right attire can make any man classy and unique, while also empowering and capable of more.

They also look empowering and mature, especially when you throw on a nicely pressed black suit, a white undershirt, a tie, black loafers, pants and, of course, a perfect matching jacket.

Throw all that on with something like a Rolex or Technos, and you will feel like a man. A man who is not only classy and unique in appearance, but sturdy and robust underneath. A man who knows he looks good with that watch on.

There is a reason that most men in the ’40s and ’50s wore that style, because watches, with business suits, LOOK classy. A man cannot and will not go wrong wearing a watch as that will help them to look not only classy but also unique as he strides down the sidewalk.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

That is why men still (and should) still wear watches even in 2019. Yes, phones are excellent, but there is still a level of class and honor to seeing a man walk into a room with a Rolex on. Watches might be superfluous, but they look dang good, and that is all that matters.

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