Top Destinations for Weekend Breaks in the UK

Are you looking for a spectacular destination to soothe your working-weekday blues? Well, there are plenty of destinations in the UK that make for the ultimate weekend break—and here are top 3 hotspots to watch:


Bristol is famed for its vibrancy and offbeat charm. One of the best ways to experience this charm is to pub-crawl and enjoy the city’s craft brews. You can also enjoy live music in the city’s many live performance venues, including the Redgrave and Bristol Old Vic Theatre. If you are the outdoor type, tour Bristol’s unique architecture, climb the city’s picturesque hills, and marvel at the renowned Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Islands of Thames

From Thames Head (near Kemble), through England’s quaint villages, to Southend-on-Sea, the River Thames covers more than 215 miles. It is not only the most famous river in the UK but also one of the most popular walking routes in the Cotwolds regions.

The river also boasts many charming islands and eyots. Boating on the Thames will help you discover some of the best-kept secrets about islands in the UK. And which weekend break can be more fulfilling than visiting some of the undiscovered destinations that not so many people know about? Eel Pie Island, Glover’s Island, the Isle of Sheppey, and Chiswick Eyot are some of the destinations you should explore in your next tour on the Thames.

Lake District

Lake District is another destination that you can visit to enjoy your weekend breaks in the UK, thanks to its outstanding natural beauty. It is a popular destination for hikers, ramblers, fell walkers, and people who love to spend their time on the water. It is one of the best destinations to view some of the greatest lakes in the UK while enjoying the long walks and unique nature trails. Top places you should consider for your next weekend break include the beautiful Grasmere, charming AmblesideKeswick market, parish of Coniston, Bowness-on-Windermere tourist hotspots, and the quant Kawkshead among others.


The key to enjoying weekend breaks in the UK boils down to searching out for the country’s most authentic experiences and immersing yourself in the local culture. As you can see, whether you are looking to discover a new island, ramble in the countryside, enjoy a new city’s nightlife, or indulge in some relaxing spa, there are a lot of options to choose from in the UK.

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