Dedicore Contributes Successful Growth of the Business

The world is changing faster and DediCore believes in the changes. The website offers perfectly maintained culture, which not only helps in encouraging the individuals and companies in running the business smoothly but also contributes to the growth and success of business operations. The well-planned strategies may not work unless supported by the resilient ethos and values, which bring positive changes in the lives.

The hosting services and solutions offered by Dedicores are based on inherent values and principles that professionally manage the business, companies, and customers. The dedicated services offered can help in enhancing the business, nurturing careers and promoting perspectives.

Dedicated VPS Hosting Plans  

Dedicore being one of the fastest growing VPS hosting service providers, offers professionally managed set of hosting plans, which suit perfectly to the needs of entrepreneurs, companies, and various business environments. The hosting plans such as Starter, Business, Optima, and Expert, which work on high-end servers offering technically customized solutions in the countries like Spain, Italy, UK, France and Germany. The trustworthy services are highly comprehensive, available at reasonably priced rates and can offer unique business solutions, which are a part of cutting-edge technology. The services that help in maintaining optimal web presence also offers technical help and support round the clock to the customers around the world.

Wide Range of Products

The company is having an experience of 10 years in the business, offering reliable and responsive hosting solutions that range from small and medium sized companies to worldwide business operations. The company offers a wide range of products, which are well-planned, easy to operate and customized according to the customer specifications and business needs. The ingenious solutions offered are well-suited to various commercial and business operations that successfully help in handling the challenging situations. Most of the customers completely rely on DediCore in every single business activity.

VPS Hosting Plans for Every Need

As a customer, you will find that the VPS hosting plans more useful while dealing with the everyday business activities. The user-friendly servers work in a committed and highly secured atmosphere. The indomitable infrastructure offers high-quality work experience, superior performance with high-speed operations.

Various VPS hosting plans are

  • Starter cPanel VPS plan (€44.98 per month) is the most basic plan available at affordable price. It offers 2 CPU Crores, 50 GB storage, 2 GB Ram including 50Gbps protection.
  • Business cPanel VPS plan (€69.98 per month) is one of the fast growing plans, which offers more power in terms of 4 CPU Crores, 75 GB storage, 4 GB RAM including 50Gbps protection.
  • Optima cPanel VPS plan (€94.98 per month) is an ultimate plan for large-sized companies and it offers 4 CPU Crores, 100 GB storage, 4 GB RAM including 50Gbps protection.
  • Expert cPanel VPS plan (€119.98 per month) is a highly advanced plan for dedicated entrepreneurs and professional companies. The plan is combined with 4 CPU Crores, 150 GB storage, 8 GB RAM including 50Gbps protection.