Effortless Rent A Staker Advice Around The USA

One of the coolest parts of OSRS – Old School RuneScape – has to be the fact that you can challenge anyone in the game you want to a good old-fashioned duel, head down to the gaming dueling pets, stake yourself with a pile of gold to win the duel, walking away with a mountain of the in game currency if you’re able to take down the challenger.

For a bunch of different reasons, however, dueling in OSRS has become quite a bit of a headache – and one of the biggest reasons has to be that the only people willing to stake themselves in these kinds of duels are those that aren’t afraid of losing at all, knowing that they’ll clean up no matter what.

By choosing to rent a staker, however, you’re not only able to turn the tables on these veteran players that think they can take on all comers – but you’re also able to do so incognito so that they never know exactly who they are going up against, either.

Never Risk Your Main Account

If you choose to use your main account rather than rent a staker when you head down to the dueling pits you always run the risk of coming across some veteran player that’s gotten cozy with the GMs.

These kinds of players inevitably have a lot of influence over who gets banned, who gets kicked out of the dueling pits, and who loses all of their gold no matter what. By renting a staker you never run that risk on your main account.

Never Risk Your Own Gold

Secondly, by choosing to rent a staker in RuneScape you are never actually risking your own gold. These accounts come loaded with fully maxed out main characters with plenty of farmed up gold in their bank account – gold you can use to put on your own wagers.

Fight Duels Anonymously

Best of all, you can finally fight these kinds of duels anonymously when you rent a staker.

Again, you come right out of the blocks with a max character to fight in these duels – but it won’t be your name and it won’t be your reputation on the line. If you are a great champion in these kinds of fights that scares off all comers you’ll appreciate the anonymity, and if you’re just getting started and don’t want to embarrass the reputation of your main character you can enjoy the same anonymity as well.

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